Khachik's B&B

Feels like home
away from home...


Lovely family having breakfast at Khachik's B&B

The obvious advantage of choosing B&B is family-like atmosphere, that our guests receive. We, the hosts, are committed to do whatever is needed, so that our guests feel like home, when they are away from home. Furthermore, the guests get the unique chance of trying out delicious local dishes, socializing with us and other guests in English or in several other languages. There are many more hallmarks, which we do not mentions, for they need to be discovered by your own experience.

The family members speak native Armenian, English, Russian and some French. The hosts are Khachik and Karine Mirakyans. Khachik, a former university lecturer and painter, enjoys making wine with special family methods. Winemaking has started long time ago by his father who was well-known professional winemaker. Guests can have opportunity to taste some wine if it is the season. Karine enjoys gardening and cooking. She takes care of orchard, which surrounds and isolates the B&B from street making it a quite place for relaxing. Khachik's mother is doctor and she helps her daughter-in-law in cooking, when she is at home. You can have pre-ordered meals consisting of dolma, barbecue made in Armenian way or other great dishes. Guests can get tea or coffee themselves from free coffee-desk whenever they would like to have some drink. There is free Wi-Fi Internet connection all around the property.